Improper Usage Of Books

Reflecting on a habit of mine regarding book reading

TLDR: I've noticed lots of people, first of all myself, in process of using books as a signaling thing. This article is my reflection on it.

Today i've clearly observed my habit of periodically browsing and buying paperback books, no matter how many books i already have. I might easily have 10 books laying around in front of me, untouched & i still search for new books online.

The main problem i see in this behavior is that it's discrediting the core value of books. Instead of, by default, focusing on how to extract as much information from the book's content, the brain's priority has become to use it as a signaling tool. To signal your intelligence & seek social status. Or simply signal to your ego that you have so many books around, thus you have to be doing something good.

Either way, it's good that i've noticed this behavior of mine and now can concentrate to patch it😬