Share Your Failures Like Achievements

Embracing mistakes & failures

TLDR: Ever noticed how we're all about showing off only the good stuff on social media? I think that it messes with our heads & sharing failures instead will have a better long & short term effect on us. That's why, i think that, every one of us should regularly write post-mortem/reflection-s of our mistakes and publicly share it

Today i've noticed that all the social media platforms & people using them(including me) are biased towards creating & consuming positively themed content like: Linkedin posts of starting a new job, Instagram stories of being with friends & enjoying your life, Facebook post about starting a new relationship, etc.

I haven't yet totally understood why this is, but i know it as a fact, that we don't share our downs and failures with each other, like we share our achievements. At least that's what i see on my social media feed. Maybe this kind of a behavior is just a human nature, i really don't know. But what i can say for sure is, that we need to write & share lows/failures of our lives, at least as much as we do our ups/achievements.

We as humans should create a culture of publicly embracing failure instead of thinking of it as a thing to be ashamed of & hide. We need to understand that making mistakes is a common thing & not an outlier in everyone's life.

The idea being that, writing down & publicly sharing our failure post mortem-s will:

  • Help us retrospect/reflect on ourselves & our mistakes on a much deeper level. This will help us to learn & grow
  • Increase overall awareness about making mistakes & see it as a fact, that everybody is involved in this process. It's not only you who regularly fails
  • Embracing failure. Treating it just like an achievement, from which one can get unique learnings & not something to be ashamed, afraid of

This is why we should start writing regular post-mortem-s. After every major failure/mistake, instead of forgetting about it, reflect on it, write it down & share it.