Effectively Handling Highs Of Life Is As Important As Handling Lows

Another area for improvement for all of us

TLDR: Here i share my hypotheses that, more of us should focus on effectively handling daily successes, just like we focus on dealing with failures.

From what i see, the majority of modern "self help"/"personal growth" resources like books, articles & videos have one and the same recurring theme of how to deal with lows of your life, how to strategically behave in crisis or how to effectively handle failures.

Of course, I'm not going against these resources, as it seems that there is a high demand for it in the modern world & at the end of the day I find them to be very helpful for me, as well as for the people around me. But what i'm actually saying is that, compared to the topic of dealing with lows, nobody is talking about how to effectively deal with highs of your life & how to navigate success correctly.

At first glance, it might appear that there is nothing to be effective about in handling daily successes, right? That's what i thought for a long time as well. But if you think deep enough, you'll notice that after achieving a minor or major success, there always is a time window where most people let their egos inflate, where most people get emotionally attached to their success & take a break like a well deserved prize.

This observation isn't only a theory of mine, i've noticed it on myself and people around me, struggling to handle tiny, daily successes effectively without ego & emotional attachment being part of the game.

Now i've come to realize, that dealing with daily wins of life, strategically & calmly might be one of the most important things that nobody has told us about. It appears that there is one more area for improving ourselves. Area where most people think that game is finished & where well trained mind can squeeze another ounce of improvement.