Find People To Learn With

One thing to change in your learning process

TLDR: If you want to learn anything effectively in a long term, find somebody to learn with

If you're the type of person who takes the process of learning new things seriously, consider this:

What if I told you that your main problem in not being able to learn as effectively as others isn't your lack of time, focus, or motivation, but the fact that you're doing it alone?

When trying to learn something that requires a significant amount of time and effort (on the scale of months), the thing that most people struggle with is keeping a consistent pace of learning. Learning new programming languages, understanding a new piece of technology, or learning by building software projects all fall into this category.

Of course, absorbing as much information as effectively as possible is also important, but the real key to successful long-term learning is maintaining a consistent pace in it.

I think this is only possible by making the process of learning as fun, interesting, and engaging as possible & having a learning partner does exactly that (and actually much more). Well, that's exactly what it did for me. I'd suggest you try it too.