Become comfortable with uncomfortable

Importance of getting used to psychic pain of uncomfortable situations

TLDR: Being ok to endure & deal with psychic pain caused by uncomfortable situations is the muscle we need to develop more

All of us have things in personal or professional lives that we avoid doing at all costs. Things that genuinely make us uncomfortable. Things that our brains have some why labeled as "Dangerous", "Unsafe" & "Capable of great harm". Maybe it's an uncomfortable conversation with a friend or your boss, or maybe it's a task at work that you don't know how to do, or maybe it's just another initiative of yours at which you might fail publicly and miserably.

I think the main question to answer is: why should i even try to endure discomfort caused by these activities? Why shouldn't i avoid it, if the environment makes it possible for me to not experience the psychic pain? Why should i make myself vulnerable to all the worst case scenarios that might end up happening?

Here is my take on it

If you want to have a great life, you have to maximize the output of all the opportunities life throws at you. When avoiding uncomfortable situations you are cutting out a significant chunk of potentially great opportunities only because they make your heart bit a bit faster. The main challenge is not about solving a discrete uncomfortable situation that you currently have, it's about a bigger picture. By cultivating the habit of enduring & dealing with uncomfortable situations instead of avoiding them, you give yourself much more possibilities to transform & take control of your life. But since "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" let's try to deal with our current discomforts for today and keep the long term game in perspective.