Why I Write

The reason i started writing and why you should as well

TLDR: People often ask me why I started writing. In this essay, I share the main reason

Since always, I've had a hard time thinking deeply and constructively about any given topic for a prolonged period of time. My mind would constantly wander off in the midst of thinking about things, and this would happen non-stop, multiple times, until my original thoughts perished.

Writing has become my go-to tool to hack and solve this exact problem. When I write, I look at the materialized form of my thoughts, and if my mind starts to wander off again, I can look at my previous thoughts and get in tact with them easily. Another important thing i've observed is that, while writing, you create a kind of "buffer" between consecutive thoughts of yours, and for a hyperactive brain, that generates too many new thoughts in a small period of time, this is an excellent way to avoid overwhelming yourself.

To make it clear for you, how much writing has influenced my life, let me share that, nowadays if I have some decision to make at work, I grab my laptop and write out what I have in mind. If I want to know how I should plan my week, I write about that, and if I want to reflect on any mistake of mine or an emotional state that I'm in, I write about that as well. Generally, I've started writing about everything that needs a delicate way of thinking from me, and this has given a significant boost to my life in general.

As a result of this I'm much more confident in my thoughts about the topics that I've written about. So maybe you should at least try to add writing as your primary tool of thinking for some time as well and see it for yourself.