Fail as much, as miserably & as fast as possible

The only way to learn as much as possible & as soon as possible

TLDR: This is a reminder to myself and to you, the person reading this, that not only must you handle failures well, but you must also fail as often and as quickly as possible. This is the only way I've found to evolve

Some time ago, I wrote an essay about embracing failures.

Today, I want to push this idea one step further. I think that, we must not only react correctly when we fail sometimes, but actually try to actively fail at as many things as possible, and as quickly as possible.

I've come to understand that making mistakes and later reflecting on them is the only way to truly learn and evolve, whether in career or personal life. Everything else is literal nonsense.

So if you want to have a great life, one where you've reached your maximum potential, say this with me:

F_ck what others think about your failure.
F_ck what your co-workers think about your failure.
F_ck what your family members or friends think about your failure.
F_ck what authorities around you think about your failure.

The only thing that matters is that you've been given another great chance to learn something important, just don't miss it. Time spent worrying over your failure is time spent not learning from it.

P.S. One mandatory pre-requisite i've noticed, for handling failures effectively, is self confidence & psychological safety. Both of these is absolutely needed to NOT associate your failures & mistakes with your identity. Because in case of doing so, it's effectively impossible to learn from them.